tsdisp is a tool intended to work with the TeamSpeak or Ventrilo voice comms products.  tsdisp provides a stay-on-top window that displays the name of the person speaking.

After installing you’ll have two shortcuts.  Launch TSDisp (for TeamSpeak) or VentDisp (for Ventrilo).  You should probably then right-click and enable channel synch and enter your nickname as this will cause TSDisp/VentDisp to automatically pick the channel you’re in for monitoring.

tsdisp runs on Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP/etc.

Download Page

You may also want to visit the tsdisp project page


Note that the screenshots were taken before Ventrilo support was added, hence the references to TeamSpeak.  The latest version works with either TeamSpeak or Ventrilo.


window in compact mode (the default), displaying the name of the current speaker

window in expanded mode (achieved by clicking on the down arrow button while in compact mode), displaying the server and selected channel (if channel synch is enabled, the channel is picked automatically to be the channel you’re in.

right-click context menu which provides access to the channel synch feature, remember window position toggle, etc.

channel “who” button, showing a list of all speakers in the current channel.  note that this is also accessible using the W button, which is still visible even in compact mode.

server “who” button, showing a list of all channels on the server and the speakers for each of those channels.  using this requires expanding the window.


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